Saturday, 28 May 2011

Beginning of new things

Today i went to the shop.
Sounds normal yes? well no.
I first noticed something unusual when as a stepped out of the door i had no shoes on but felt rather comfortable.
I carried on however to the shop which was just down the road this was a normal thing for me to do on a Saturday morning but today i wanted to buy something a little different. I was ready to buy glue and chicken heads rather than my absolutely brutal energy drink and cigarettes.

Yesterday i had a "friend" at my house we got very drunk. While drinkable he said something distgustingly horrible to me he said to me that i am pansy loser who cannot even do anything daring at all. We both went to sleep.

Today i find my feet covered in rubber he must have done it while i was sleeping so i came up with a plan.

When he woke up he screamed so loudly he almost burst my ear drums. He found himself super glued to 20 chicken head with no way of getting there gawking blood dripping heads of hie face and arms. Today i exacted revenge and he deserved it.


  1. Holy shit...
    That's one freaking pwn dude.

  2. good for you! its a step towards the right direction

  3. Yeah Fermium he is insane :P
    "I am brutal as fuck" :PPPPP

  4. That would be a pretty nasty thing to wake up to! revenge is sweet :D

  5. I lol'd hard at your blog title pic thing.

  6. Great story! Following for more

  7. if this is a real story. holy shit lol